3D Cell Phone Screen Amplifier - 8 Inch

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If you like to stream video on your smartphone but hate trying to watch it on such a small screen than this product is perfect for you. This 3d cellphone screen amplifier offers 3X magnification for a more enjoyable viewing experience helping reduce eye fatigue. It's compact, yet sturdy so you can take it anywhere. It turns your cell phone screen into a tablet size screen. Whether you like to watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and more, this product is perfect for you. Now, you can do it on your cell phone. It holds your phone at the perfect angle so you don't need to hold your phone or purchase a stand for it providing hands-free convenience.

Make your phone screen looks bigger: the screen magnifier makes the phone screen 2-3 times bigger, which makes your eyes more comfortable
No battery needed: adopt the HD zoom optical technology, no battery needed
Angle adjustment: to achieve the best view and optimal amplification effect please adjust the distance from mobile phone frame to the lens & angle
Hands-free: this magnifier built with phone holder, you can watch a film, see any video or read from your phone hands-free
It's super convenient and practical