PETOLAR Portable USB Blender Electric Rechargeable Mixer

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COLOR: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green
Cup Lid: Food Grade PP,
The Body: USA imported FoodGrade TRITAN, 
The button: Food grade ABS,
Seal Ring: Food grade Silicone, 
Blade: 304 Stainless Steel with cutter teeth
Motor: DC5.0V; 23000 RPM speed;
working temperature: -10-60?; Working Current:13-18A;
Battery: 4000MAH lithium-polymer battery

Tips for Making juice:
1. Please clean the juicer cup before using. Don't use hot water and put the juicer in the water.
2.PLease ensure juicer is fully charged before using. And when it is being charged, the motor don't work.
3. The juicer cannot work when it is being charged.
4. Please cut the fruit about 1cm into the bottle, then add water or milk until the fruit is covered. Don't put too more fruits in it(about 2/3 bottle after water), otherwise the machine would be stuck.
5. Switch on the juicier, then please make it headstand. Afer the motor is working, please shake the bottle like "X" to prevent the machine from stuck by fruit.
6. After about 70s, please turn off the juicer by pressing the button.
7. Open the lid and enjoy the fresh juice.
8. It can make juice about 4-5 times in full battery.

Tips for charing:
1. Please press the button, when charging your device.
2. After charging your devices, please keep it rest for 16s, then starting the motor to make juice.
3. It needs to take 3 hours to charge the juicer in full.