Is Lego just a toy? Why is it popular all over the world?

Is Lego just a toy? Why is it popular all over the world?

As the most popular children's toy, Lego's advantages are well known.First of all, it can cultivate children's hand and brain coordination. Children are an important time to exercise big exercises and long muscles. At this time, children can use the building blocks, stacking and disassembling to achieve the purpose of training large muscles.
Second, let the children learn to do things themselves. Without rules, one thing that can be done from beginning to end is progress. Even during the game, we can find a different attitude towards “doing things” for each child. Take the building block as an example. A child may only want to grab a large piece of bricks. A 1-year-old baby has the ability to build a small house with bricks. A 3-year-old baby can use these blocks to make positive moves. Cars, 5-year-old babies can even use complex mechanical parts to make airplanes and boats.

Third, develop logical and practical skills. The so-called logic refers to the law of thinking. In addition to memory and association power, logic and ability are also essential. In the process of playing with blocks, children can effectively practice classification methods, understand the concept of order, establish the concept of time and space, and experience simple causality. All of these skills can be effectively cultivated through repeated practice. logical thinking ability.

Fourth, Develop patience. Perseverance is a precious quality. I saw that some children can play blocks for hours. When they enter God, the surrounding environment does not affect them at all. It can be speculated that these children have the most basic elements of success - persistence and patience.

Fifth,Experience a sense of accomplishment. Some parents may find a phenomenon in which children often show great interest in things when they do something spontaneously and get even small results. If they can seize the opportunity, this may make the child stick to it for years without giving up. The revelation of this phenomenon is that the sense of accomplishment is equally important to us. Whether it is adults or children, building blocks are the best toys that allow children to experience a sense of accomplishment.LEPIN 22001 1717pcs Technic Series Pirates Imperial Flagship Model Building Blocks Bricks Kit is the best gift for kids, but it is difficult to assemble and requires parents and children to complete. In the process, parent-child relationship is enhanced. Parents can also experience childhood again.

Lego bricks are not just toys. They are the core products in the toy field and far superior to other brands. The precision is very high. This precision is no less than the production of an airplane. The precision of the parts. This kind of precision can't be seen when you build a few blocks, but when you use more and more particles, a little bit of error will have a devastating effect on your work, then the precision is very important. Lego has done a good job of avoiding errors in precision.

In the eyes of top LEGO players, Lego blocks play with color science and geometry. How to choose the building blocks of different colors will ultimately determine the fullness of the model. At the same time, if the color is not enough, the player needs to find a way to match the desired effect with the existing color. If you want to build a complicated model and save some trouble, you need to draw a sketch on the grid paper in advance. The construction of LEGO bricks is sometimes a great work, with collection value, not just fun.
I believe that many people should now realize that Lego can never be called a toy, but an educational aid. Even many people who study engineering machinery use Lego to model, which is widely used far beyond the entertainment field.

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